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Month menu

€ 28.00 Per person. When combining the dishes below



Choose from:
  • Tapas

    Tapas of game served with chutney

  • lentil soup

    Oriental lentil soup with pieces of chicken

  • camembert

    Baked camembert served with salad and raspberry dressing

Main Courses

Main Courses

Choose from:
  • Variety of game dishes

    served with mushroom sauce

  • Pork tenderloin

    Pork tenderloin gratinated with Appenzeller cheese, ham and tomato

  • Plaice fillet

    stuffed with smoked salmon and spinach, served with lime sauce

  • Pasta

    filled with pumpkin, served with a sauce of cream and goat cheese refined with pumpkin seed oil



Choose from:
  • Dessert

    Grand Dessert

  • Ice cream

    Cinnamon ice cream with marinated prunes