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Month menu

Put together your three-course menu for € 28.00 per person.



  • Wrap filled with smoked salmon

    crème fraîche, dill, apple and horseradish

  • Mushroom Cream Soup

  • "Zwiebelfleisch"

    German dish of pork marinated with oil and vinegar, served with onions

Main Courses

Main Courses

  • Chicken fillet

    with stir-fried paprika, spring onions, tomatoes and olives

  • Viennese veal goulash

    with mushrooms, onions and crème fraîche, served with rice

  • Dutch mussels

    served with two sauces

  • Spaghetti

    with tomatoes and pesto



  • Old Amsterdam cheese

    served with pear and balsamic glacé

  • Cinnamon ice-cream

    with marinated plums