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Saying goodbye to a loved one is a major event. After a service or funeral, there is often the need to come together with family members and friends. In our rooms we offer you the opportunity to condone. There are various possibilities to fill in this farewell.

In a personal conversation we state all the wishes and a suitable offer is made in response to this. The Sales department is happy to advise you in arranging an appropriate and worthy farewell.

View the 360 ° tour
Below is the 360 ° tour of the various rooms in the Parkrestaurant (Arazaal, Toekanzaal (only accessible by stairs), Vijverzalen, Ostrich Hall and Valkenzaal) and of the 3 party ships (Purple Heron, Pearl Diver and Pintail).

  • We are ready for you

    We are ready for you

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    Our sales department is happy to put together a tailor-made offer for you!