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Discover the Green Heart of Holland, a very Dutch nature reserve. With local produce, mills and farms. Visit the picturesque villages and towns, enjoy the vast nature and many Dutch Lakes.

Take a look at for activities and outings in the Green Heart.


  • Recreatieboerderij Jeu de Boer - Hazerswoude dorp (6,4 km)

    Recreatieboerderij Jeu de Boer - Hazerswoude dorp (6,4 km)

    Recreation farm Jeu de Boer is a Tourist Transfer Point (TOP). After a wonderful day in the countryside you can relax on the country terrace or in the tea garden. Enjoy a wine with a creamy farmer's cheese or a few scoops of delicious ice cream. Jeu de Boer organizes all sorts of fun activities such as farmer's golf or go out with the polderwachter through the farmland.

  • Small-Giethoorn (8,5 km)

    Small-Giethoorn (8,5 km)

    In Hazerswoude-Dorp you will find the family business Klein Giethoorn. The terrace and café are located on the banks of the Rietveldse Vaart. This canal is a quiet water that runs from the Alphen Rietveld to the Rhine (with some locks in between). Rowing boats or fishing boats can be rented here. The 'fleet' consists of 12 wooden rowing boats and 2 iron rowing boats. A fishing license is included in the rent.

  • Molenviergang Aarlanderveen (9,8 km)

    Molenviergang Aarlanderveen (9,8 km)

    Take a nice walk at the windmills of the Aarlanderveense molenviergang. Along the mills and the water a beautiful walking route has been set out through the Dutch polder landscape. You can choose between a northern walking route of about 3 km and a southern walking route of about 6 km. Every mill is plagued by fire and has its own story. The 4 mills are among the only mills in the world that still work in series. Few people are aware of the history of the polder and the windmills. Via information boards along the route you will learn everything about the mills and the origin of the polder. Parking is possible near Kerkvaartseweg 63 in Aarlanderveen.

  • Bezoekerscentrum Nieuwkoopse plassen (14,4 km)

    Bezoekerscentrum Nieuwkoopse plassen (14,4 km)

    The visitor center is the ideal starting point for a day out in the Nieuwkoopse Plassen. Discover the nature reserve from a boat, on foot or by bike. There are activities for young and old throughout the year. Sniff through the extensive store or view our changing exhibition.

  • Farm't Geertje - Zoeterwoude (4,9 km)

    Farm't Geertje - Zoeterwoude (4,9 km)

    Cozy recreational farm, with shop, restaurant and rowing boats and canoe rental. There are goats, cows, pigs, horses etc. Children can feed the kids and make a pony ride. 't Geertje is a versatile organic livestock farm in the Green Heart of the Randstad.

  • Museum de Heksenwaag Oudewater (26,7 km)

    Museum de Heksenwaag Oudewater (26,7 km)

    Visitors from all over the world come to the Waag in Oudewater for about a hundred years. They stand on the scale and receive a certificate. This weighting took place already in the 16th century. Then it was vital: people were accused of sorcery and ended up at the stake.