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The dinner hall consists of the three-course monthly menu with one drink per person (beer / wine / soft drink) and a cup of coffee or tea for only € 32.50 per person. This offer can only be ordered with a Restaurant ID. Create a Restaurant ID and receive all exclusive restaurant offers from Van der Valk Exclusief all year round.



Choose from:
  • Salad

    with asparagus, ham, pasta, eggs and herbs

  • Salmon carpaccio

    with a zucchini, celery, dill, beansprouts and carrots salad

  • Asparagus soup

    with herbs

Main courses

Main courses

Choose from:
  • Pepper steak

    with garlic butter

  • Pork tenderloin

    with garlic mushrooms

  • Young turbot

    with lemon and melted butter

  • Pasta

    with asparagus, cream, pesto and parmesan cheese



Choose from:
  • White chocolate mousse

    of Callebaut chocolate with raspberries and mango

  • Tiramisu

    with vanilla ice cream